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Welcome to ♥ Sabbat & Maina ♥.

When Maina (occult expert and self proclaimed witch-hunter) sees Sabbat, the mysterious new member of her brother's band, hanging his laundry butt naked in the moonlight, she is convinced that he is a witch, and is determined to hunt him down. Except that Sabbat is far from just a witch. In fact, he is far from anything that Maina could have possibly imagined. A tale of a neurotic and rather lazy Demon Lord who has fallen from grace (and somehow into disgrace), and a self-proclaimed witch-hunting schoolgirl who is convinced that he is a witch and is determined to witch-hunt him down.

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon!

These two characters - Sabbat & Maina, were originally posted in the Are You Ready to Rock ! Visual Kei Collab manga. You can visit them here: =D

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